Peach Lemonade

It is HOT here in Texas, so I wanted to make a drink that could cool me down!  Pregnant during a Texas sumer = no bueno!  

This is a great healthy recipe for a refreshing drink that your kids will love and it could easily be popsicles or a cocktail!

Here’s what you need:

3 Ripe Organic Peaches cut up

1 Lemon peeled and deseeded

Watermelon chunks and some juice
Notice there’s nothing added to sweeten.  We get amazing fruit here in Texas so I hardly ever have to sweeten my smoothies or fruit dishes but if you end up with really tart fruit, add in some honey to balance the flavor.  Sometimes I find a pinch of salt really helps.  

Throw your ingredients in a blender.  You can use frozen fruits or put ice in for a nice cold slush.  I used some of the juice from my watermelon to get the right consistency.  

You can drink it as is or add some champagne or wine for a fun cocktail.  Pour into mold for a delicious fruit popsicle.  

I love a versatile recipe!



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