Zippy Carrot Lemonade

Carrot Lemonade.jpg

This is a favorite around the Tailor house.  If you don’t have a juicer this recipe might be a little difficult.  These ingredients don’t make the best smoothie.

I have the Breville Elite and it is a beast of a machine.  With titanium blades and a powerful motor, it blasts through anything you put in there.  I always take pits out but you could essentially just throw a pineapple in there with the rind and it would do just fine.


What you’ll need:

Bag of Organic Carrots, washed with ends chopped off

1 large lemon with rind partially off

8 Gala Apples

3-4 inch chunk of ginger, washed


Super easy…sandwich the soft ingredients between the hard ingredients.  I switch on the hard setting and put in apple then lemon then apple.  This way you won’t lose any of the soft flesh of the lemon.  Throw everything in the chute, you may need to stop part way and empty into a larger pitcher.  This amount lasts us a few days.

This juice is a great start to the day, kicks up your metabolism and is packed with nutrients and vitamins.  The pith of the lemon holds lots of good stuff so don’t take that off!

Serve over ice!

Let me know how you enjoy it.  The lemon is subtle and the juice is sweet and not tart or tangy at all, but if you don’t enjoy lemons, an orange would do just fine.








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